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From being the saviour during late night studies to the companion of afternoon ‘adda’ sessions with extended family – a perfectly whipped cup of beaten coffee has always held a special place in our hearts.

Introducing, ITC Sunbean Beaten Caffe – a ready to use beaten coffee paste that gives your favourite cup of rich, creamy, frothy beaten coffee. Experience a smooth coffee paste that dissolves effortlessly in warm milk, giving you that familiar beaten coffee taste, just the way you love it.

Witness the sight of a creamy delight frothing up in your coffee mug. Relish a sip and - celebrate the familiar taste and feeling you know so well – anytime, every time.


Make your own cup of Beaten Coffee

Take a spoon of rich, creamy Sunbean Beaten Coffee paste in a cup


Slowly add hot milk


Stir well to enjoy your favorite cup of beaten coffee, tastes just the way you love it.

*Serving Suggestion


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